This is why Equal Pay matters

Katharine's Story

I was a college instructor for 6 years. I was sexually harassed by a colleague and several pay period amounts were held back after I complained. I was told the college was undergoing restructuring and that I'd be called back once it was stable. Instead another male was hired in my place. I did return after 15 months (at a lower rate than the new male) but my back pay was never paid. I complained about being paid $5.00 per hour less than males who had less seniority and worked less hours. After this, every pay period I was made to multiply my hours by $5.00, divide that by my hourly rate and then pad my hours accordingly to achieve an artificial inflated rate that was on par with males. This was humiliating and I often still lost money. This went on for 2 years. Because my inflated rate was not officially on record, I could not secure anything above it and was perpetually kept down. When a new campus director came on board I asked that my inflated rate be formalized so that I could be on par with males and apply for advancement. I was fired. The finally irony was that I was paid at the lower official rate in my notice of termination pay which I successfully challenged at the labour board. Now I am before the human rights tribunal of Ontario to have the gender discrimination issues addressed and I am looking for interested community groups for support or intervention.