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Alicia Parnell-Strain

I had my son on 20+ wait lists for child care as soon as he was born. It took almost 2 years to get a full time spot. Luckily I had a family member that could watch my son once I went back to work. Not all parents have this option. Now that I'm in the process of separation, I have new challenges. I'll need to find another home that is safe and secure for my son, closer to my office, as well as now I need to start the process of finding care again. With income cut in half and subsidized care facilities having extremely long wait lists with minimal spots, I'm going to have to pay full cost and still may not have care for my son. We need more care options and subsidized care options for all types of families and incomes. Even though I'm considered middle class, I'm barely able to make ends meet on my own....

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Constanza Alvarez

3 years ago I was a victim of domestic violence, it has been a long process to recovery from the physical and emotional injuries. Now I decide take some courses in orden to get my high school diploma, because I want go to college to study accounting, and I back to work initially a part-time job, I applied for a Child Care Subsidy, but like my part-time job is like a self-employed I have to fill a different forms with my application that make me feel like I will be a millionarie with this job and I will be receiving around $250 weekly when I go to work the whole week but some weeks I can't . I feel like the goverment doesn't have enough support for single parents and for woman victims of violence in this mater.

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As parents it’s a responsibility to care for your child, and accessible childcare makes the long journey that much easier

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