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Our children are the future of our society. Don’t let that fall short because of poor education or lack thereof

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Natalie Ethier

I have been sexually harassed by my male professor and nothing was done about it ! It cost me my health, time off of my education, my grades, and lots of money! I went to human resources and nothing was done. I wonder how many other times he has done this? I was affected so badly I got PTSD and then fibromyalgia. I had no advocacy what so ever. I was taken to a room where I was antagonized and I was accused of lying! When are we going to be able to get a good quality education without worrying about being harassed and then shamed for it after? When?

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Julie Burke

Because I am a survivor of heart attack and a quadruple bypass. I also have Type 2 Diabetes, so women's health issues are very important to me.

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