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Vanessa Dicks

In my story you gonna read this why & how it all happen. It's been one big roller coaster after another when I first moved into Sudbury Ontario I thought that I was actually going to make the big move in my life and be able to have this dream job I always wanted I tried very hard to look for work here but it seems like no luck at all Ontario seems to expect too much out of everybody and I try so hard to make it work but there are times where we struggle during the month and now I have two daughters to think about I look back on my choices and think maybe if I would have done it this way maybe my life would have been different but at the same time people in the job industry don't really treat you like people they just treat you like a number it seems like a lot of situations happen this way doesn't feel right you know if the government was to offer more jobs to women in equal pay that would help so much instead of working 2 to 3 jobs at a time like that's insane like why do I have to work 3 to 2 jobs in order to keep my life float how is that fair how is that fair to someone who has lower education level who can't get a job that's my honest question on that department are wrongfully firing somebody just because they're not doing a good enough job cuz they feel they can fire them there has to be good logical reasons to fire them not fire them because they're not doing enough they're trying their hardest and the learning on the job as they go just curiosity anyway this is my story

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Rei Baker

I have not been the victim of sexual assault, but I have been the victim of domestic violence from my mother, and it did not take 3-5 business days to move on. I was traumatized for months, and a year later I'm still dealing with the after shock. Time off of school was easy to attain, especially with medical documents stating my mental illnesses and things I'd been through, but the work environment is much different and achieving those days off could impact your employment. I believe that this is important to have in place, because people who are victims will only feel more insecure, and be less productive at work anyway. The trauma could impact someone's work performance detrimentally. I'm making up the credits I missed last year, but it is not easy to get a second chance with a job. This should be commonplace, it shouldn't be negotiable. People of all genders should be able to access this type of support, these events are terrible and losing your job on top of the trauma could ruin your life.

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Vanie Del Mul

Because good health is the bedrock of a vibrant, caring and economically sound society. The promotion of preventative health care going forward is the most efficient and cost effective principle of ensuring excellent health care for all. There is no better way of promoting this value by ensuring the health of women. By ensuring and protecting equal rights for women to access health care you protect and promote the health her entire family. The most shining proof of this tenet was demonstrated when women/girls were taught to read in third world countries they taught the rest of the family.

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